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19 September 2011

Report| Apple Suppliers Ramping Up Production For iPhone5 Launch

Report| Apple Suppliers Ramping Up Production For iPhone5 Launchiphone 5

It's very likely that the iPhone5 will be announced soon, and in preparation for the launch, manufacturers have kicked production of Apple's fifth-gen smart phone.
According to a Digitizes report, Apple manufacturer Fox Conn is producing 150,000 iPhone5s every day as the launch date presumably nears. Digitizes also said the makers of the iPhone's lens, touch panel, reinforced glass, and battery are "operating at full swing."
It estimates that Apple will ship as many as six million iPhone5s in September alone, and that shipments in the fourth quarter will soar past 22 million. As this happens, suppliers will wind down production of the iPhone4 and CDMA versions of the iPhone, Digitizes also said.

iPhone 5 Launch

So when will the highly-anticipated iPhone5 make its debut? Rumors about the launch are piling up, and although Apple has yet to formally announce the phone, Deutsche Telekom quietly started taking pre-orders for the iPhone5 earlier this week. The company is not advertising the device, but it will reportedly hand out coupons to customers that ask for the iPhone5 specifically.

iPhone 5

While Deutsche Telekom has kept mum on the details about the phone, news of the pre-orders seem to suggest that Apple will send out press invites for an iPhone event very soon.
Another recent rumor about the iPhone5 release date came by way of a Best Buy leak that indicated the phone would be on sale by the end of October, a time frame also confirmed by All Things D.
As far as the features go, an iPhone5 case has shown that the device could be wider and taller, but leaked prototype pictures also show a screen that was smaller than four inches. In the past, the phone was also rumored to have an edge-to-edge screen.