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21 November 2011

Google Wallet Assimilates Google Checkout. Resistance Is Futile

Google Wallet Assimilates Google Checkout12

When Google Wallet was announced, and the interest in wireless payments cooled, there was an obvious question. Where did all of this leave Google Checkout? Now, we know exactly where – in the stomach of Google Wallet, which has now swallowed its sibling service whole. According to information released by Google, the Checkout service will be merged into Wallet, and no longer exist as an independent entity.
Don’t worry. This doesn’t mean that all of the online checkout features have been given the axe. It only means that those features will now be referred to under the Google Wallet name.  Going to the old site will re-direct you to the new version but the functionality remains the same.

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If you’re a merchant running a site that accepts Google Checkout payments, you don’t have to change Top Gadets Review anything yet. Google states that it will “ask merchants, organizations and developers who use Google Checkout who sell items or collect donations to change any website text that talks about Google Checkout to Google Wallet” in early 2012. No changes will need to be made to site integration as a result of this switch.
While the main site now redirects to Wallet, the older brand remains on a number of other pages. Google has not indicated exactly when all current pages will convert over to Wallet, but if the company will be asking merchants to change their wording in early 2012, the answer is likely “soon.” (Top Gadgets Review)
by: Matt Smith